Akemi Ueno
Akemi Ueno

Akemi Ueno


1962 Born in Kyoto(in Japan)

1981 Graduated from Oil painting Course Kyoto Municipal High school of Art and Craft

1983 Graduated from Oil painting Course at Saga Junior College of Art

1987 The 41th Niki Exhibition (~2017)(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of

     Art/National New Museum of Art)

     (’91 Encouragement Prize ’98 Excellent Prize ’98 Grand Prize of New selection in

     Spring time Niki 2007 Encouragement Saeki Prize of Woman painter)

1991 Contemporary Art Exhibition of Brazil-Japan(Tokyo Central Museum of Art)

1994 Contemporary Art Exhibition of France-Japan(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art/

     Osaka Municipal Museum of Art/Rond-Pait Montaigene Hall-Paris)

1996 Art Internship in Agency for Cultural Affairs

1999 SAISHO’99-Hybrid Painting in Saitama(Sitama Prefectural Museum of Art)


2008 System studying abroad for Rising Artist in Agency for Cultural Affairs

     (Firenze in Italy)

2012 The 30th Ueno Royal Grand Prize Exhibition(Ueno Royal Museum of Art)<2017>

     The 14th Setsuryosya Firenze Prize Exhibition(Setsuryosya Museum of Art/Tokyo

     Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Other Group-show in Art Gallery planning


One-man show

1995 –MOVE ON-<Gallery21Yo ANNEX/Tokyo>

1997 –Void in Earth-<Gallery21Yo ANNEX/Tokyo>

1999 Focusing on creation-Vol.21

     -Beating of Monochrome-<Gallery21Yo/Tokyo>

2001 –Images-<Gallery21Yo>

     -Mirror of Water-<Gallery Ginza Kyu-bi/Tokyo>

2002 -Water of Silence-<Gallery Ginza Kyu-bi/Tokyo>

2003 –Appearance-<Gallery Kyu-bi/Tokyo>

2006 –Inside Story-<Gallery Kyu-bi/Tokyo>

2010 -Prayer for Life-<Gallery Goto/Tokyo>

2011 –Akemi Ueno Exhibition-<Gallery Hillgate/Kyoto>

     -Paper works and Little sculpture-<Gallery La Mer/Tokyo>

2012 –Inner Person-<Gallery Goto/Tokyo>

     -Akemi Ueno Small works Exhibition-<Gallery La Mer/Tokyo>

2013 –Akemi Ueno Exhibition-<Gallery La Mer/Tokyo>

2014 –Images-<Gallery Goto/Tokyo>

     -Gift from Little world-<Gallery La Mer/Tokyo>

2016-Window of mind<Gallery Goto/Tokyo>

  -Akemi Ueno Exhibition-<Bumpodo Gallery Cafe/Tokyo>

2017-Form of Existence-<Art Gallery Koyoukan/Saitama>

  -Akemi Ueno Exhibition-<Gallery Cajio/Tokyo>

2018-Quiet Thought-<Gallery La Mer/Tokyo>